Tour de Force - The World's first Pro Cycling, Tabletop Role-playing Game

A New and Original Cycle Racing Game, Coming Soon.

"Under a clear blue Parisian sky the entire peloton, strung out into one long paceline, stream across the Place de la Concord and onto the Avenues des Champs Élysées towards the distant Arc de Triomphe. Tens of thousands cheer from the side of the tree lined avenue as the sprint trains accelerate out of the final corner. With just 200m to go, the lead out men swing off and the sprinters finally explode towards the line. Shoulder to shoulder, elbow to elbow and flying headlong through the heart of Paris at almost 80kph, the contenders, separated now by no more than the width of a tyre, throw their bikes forward in one last, desperate lunge for victory!" Now, roll your dice and see who wins...

Time Trialling

The Sport of Professional Road Racing without Limitations

Take control of a Team of Professional Cyclists as they battle for victory in some of the most iconic races on The World Tour Calendar™.

From a designer with 40 years experience of both cycling and role-playing games, Tour de Force brings you a realistic bike racing game, with an original and innovative system, specifically built for this game.

Freed from the restrictions imposed by a game board, or the limitations inherent in computer software simulations, the Tour de Force role-playing game is able to depict a far more rich and diverse range of settings than has previously been possible, whilst also providing a real sense of the atmosphere and spectacle which surrounds this truly extraordinary and unique sport.

The actions of your riders, and the races in which they compete are limited only by the players' imaginations.

The Current State of the Project

The TdFRPG Project is in the final stages of development, and is on course for an early 2019 release.

We have the rule system finalised, and we are extremely happy with it. We are currently formatting the game's rulebook, adding the artwork and writing the supporting material. As our game mechanics are so closely linked to those of the actual sport itself, we are providing a section in the manual devoted to the tactics and terminology used in real world cycle racing.

Our next step is to continue talks with Cycling's governing body to get the game officially approved, and to approach Race Organisers and Pro Teams to allow us to produce supplements representing real world races and teams.

We will keep you updated on our progress...

Time Trialling